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The History of the Sitting Goose

The Sitting Goose. c 1925 

The original photo from which this picture was taken was found quite by chance

in an old photo album bought in Preston's car boot. It shows how the Sitting Goose looked c. 1925 when car travel was just coming into it's own. The Goose was a Ribble Bus fare stage. You can see the timetable above the bench. It was also noted for it's very decorative pub sign of which is the only known picture. Also in the picture is a labrador, can you spot it?

John Knowells Wheelwright and Joiners Shop, Salwick. c 1908

The Joiners shop was situated next door to William Parker's Smithy. At the rear of the premises there was a saw pit and one of the original saws used in the saw pit remains in the possession of the Parker family. Pictured left to right: James T Parker, Arthur Eccles, Jim Fletcher, D. Robinson, Edmund Hindle, John Knowels and William Parker.

Mrs Ethel Barton

Mrs Ethel Barton (wife of Licensee Jack) making cheese in the Birley Arms Yard, now known as the Sitting Goose. She was the mother of Harry Barton who was later the Licensee of the Bay Horse Catforth. The Barton's were at the Birley Arms from 1899-1928. The Birley's were mill owners who lived at Bartle Hall and their coat of arms hung over the door of the public house.

All these images are located around the pub.

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